NDNExchange (Native Distribution Networking Exchange) is a loose collection of Free entities wishing to collectively advance ideas around the world. One of our main tenets is that everyone is indigenous to somewhere and that most of our elder indigenous brothers and sisters are a wealth of knowledge regarding the old ways in spirit, healing and knowing, but the knowledge of these things is diminishing rather than being shared around the world.

It is the wish and objective of NDNExchange to bring these knowings back to the rest of the world and to share with all others that which is general knowledge amongst the elders left to our generations. These are mostly oral traditions and understandings so without any way of archiving and putting them to print, this knowledge will be lost to future generations. With so many things coming about regarding science's shortcomings, this knowledge may be one of the last hopes for mankind and mother earth after all else has failed.

Be aware that many of these medicines and healings are no longer known or recognized by today's professional medical community. On the other hand, some are known and a few of the pharmaceutical companies are attempting to 'patent' nature's promises and disallow the sale of natural medicines to the public at large. This act on their part is something Free entities deem akin to  treason of Creation or may even be interpreted as a genocidal threat.

Our indigenous elders have lived on their lands and have understood that all things in our world are a result of our Creator. Our lands, plants and all living things must be honored and revered as they are part of our common existence. Creator gave us all we need to eat, cloth ourselves, heal ourselves and thrive in regards to spirit and community.

Modern society in many cases, for what ever reason, has decided that some other force over which they have control must prevail and can do a better job at healing or taking away pain. A bandage may cover a wound but it does not heal. That is the current state of much of the medicine foisted upon us by the medical community. Simply bandages, incapable of healing but good at covering up the ugliness of the disease.