Yes, that's me, a breed, an entity of blended blood yet my blue eyes still bleed red like all my brothers and sisters. I know many of my kind and it appears that soon there will be no more true bloods. Is that bad? I do not know, only Father has an answer to that. What I do know is that I delight in my indigenous ancestry. What I believe is that history will repeat itself and if allowed, some of us will once again be led down a new trail of tears.

Is the word breed politically incorrect or offensive? I'm sure it is to someone but they'll need to get over it. I do.  I am offended every time I read the news, every time a new regulation is foisted upon us by those not elected but appointed, every time more of our land is taken by our government, every time a politician speaks as though we were simpletons. I am sick of lies, 'mis-speaks' and mis-direction from our leaders. I am a breed and of that I am proud. I will not comply.

I have no roll number. My great great grandmother was saved from the tortuous march to the Indian Territories initiated by the titular head of the democrats, Andrew Jackson. She was adopted by white missionaries, given an Anglican name and kept safe in north eastern Tennessee. Thank you Father, I am grateful.